About Suzy

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Hola! Soy Suzy!

I'm originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a mom to two young children, ages 3 and 5. Ever since I can remember, travel and learning about other cultures has always been a part of me. In particular, I developed a love for the Spanish language and visiting Spanish speaking countries.

I studied Communication and Spanish atĀ DePaul University, receiving a BA (cum laude) in 2003. I also studied Spanish language, arts and culture abroad in Havana, Cuba with New York University. After graduating from DePaul, I continued my Spanish studies by living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While there, I also earned an Advanced Spanish Language Certification fromĀ University of Buenos Aires.

Since being back in the US (bringing my Argentine husband with me), I've worked in international travel, events, and have also had other entrepreneurial ventures including previously owning a boutique Spanish instruction studio.

Spanish learning and a deep passion for exploring other cultures will always be a part of me and a big part of who I am. I can't wait to meet you and your kids and hopefully spark a little bit of that same love and curiosity in them!

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